Building a Strong Brand for Your Business

If you are striving to build a strong online presence and are still unsure how to approach it, here is a great ebook that may provide you with valuable insights you might use: Personal Branding For the Business Professional by Chris Brogan.

This is just an excerpt, so download the ebook (see the link at the bottom), and read it.

“Hints About Brand In General

What’s the difference between Coke and Pepsi? Thereʼs a taste difference, for sure, but what does the brand signify? Tricky, eh? So whatʼs the difference between TechCrunch and Mashable to you? I would argue that Michael Arrington is more heavily tied into the Silicon Valley insiders scene than Pete Cashmore, but that Pete is much more positive overall. I think the other authors on the site are very different from each other (I really love Mashable’s Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins, for instance).

Remember that trying to develop a personal brand involves differentiating in a Coke vs. Pepsi, TechCrunch vs. Mashable world. Identifying yourself as the social media expert or the tech geek blogger is about as differentiated as brands of rice. In some ways, the differentiator on brands is in what you deliver. What differentiates me from others might be in the volume of useful content I deliver. Iʼm not sure. You tell me what makes me different. My answer would definitely vary from yours.”…

To read all 100 tips, download and read the entire ebook: Personal Branding for The Business Professional.

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