How Often Should I Post Updates?

Consistency is important on all social media platforms, but how often should you post updates?

The question of frequency comes up a lot; however, there is not one answer that will be right for everybody and every situation. Deciding how often to posts will depend on the social platform, your goals, and your comfort zone (but I do encourage you to push your limits in this respect) – as well as your time constraints (although with the methods I’m using and teaching, this last issue is almost completely eliminated).

There is no question in my mind that the MORE of QUALITY content that’s RELEVANT for your audience and helps you accomplish your goals you post, the better results you’ll get.

But is there a point when it becomes too much? Too much for your audience – they get tired of you constantly occupying their feed or, worse yet, you saying the same thing over and over; too much for you – you do have a life outside of your business and social media?

Although there surely are practical limitations as far as posting, from my experience, most people, coaches, activists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses are NOT POSTING ENOUGH, and could easily increase frequency even 10 or 100 times – and benefit from it by attracting a bigger audience, providing that they ensure the quality of posts and proper targeting.

So, for example, if you only post once or twice per week, you’d be posting once or twice per day, or even per hour.

So, to give you some general recommendations, here is what I think.

Depending on your goals, and the type of engagement you are aiming for, plan for at least 2-3 updates daily on Facebook and LinkedIn.

On Twitter, people are used to and almost expecting high frequency, and when you look at accounts with huge followings by individuals who are not famous in the real world, they almost always post very frequent updates. You’ll need to experiment to see what feels right for you and what is working best for your audience, but aim for anywhere from 4-6 per day, up to 20-30, or even more.

Some of you may be concerned that posting too much will make you come across as pushy or spammy.

I like to think about it this way:

You have something that’s truly valuable that can help a lot of people, right? You have an important message to share and are on the mission to change the world. You are a health coach or health professional who can help people turn their health around and finally start enjoying their lives. You are a life coach that helps people who are at a crossroads in their lives, facing difficult choices, addictions, painful situations and they need help – and you may be the perfect person for them, but they’ll never know that if they cannot find you.

Why should you be shy about sharing your message and how you can help people?

We are bombarded every day with messages and advertising coming at us from everywhere – I often feel annoyed and want to scream ENOUGH!, and perhaps you feel the same way.

I don’t want to contribute to all the noise in the world, either.

But then I see a positive message, and that lifts me up. Puts a smile on my face.

Like the other day, when driving to New York City I was taking Route 3 to the Lincoln tunnel – and, as always I looked at the billboards – if you know that route, there is really nothing interesting to look at, so you might as well check them out; so there are a couple of new billboards that display the ads like huge television screens – constantly changing what they show, and for a split second, for a fleeting moment I saw an ad promoting veganism. There was a picture of a puppy and a piglet, asking the question “why love one and eat the other?” As I’m vegan and spreading this message of justice and compassion is really high on my radar, I jumped up, wanted to look closer, or perhaps even take a picture, but it disappeared, replaced by another promotion, and I never saw it again.

So, of course big corporations with huge marketing and advertising budgets don’t usually have qualms about sharing their message and sharing it often. The fast food chains, the pharmaceutical companies, the producers of the toilet paper and washing detergent of this world. They are not shy or subtle about promoting their products and services.

So why should I be? Or you?

Of course, there is the issue of money – non-profit organizations such as Vegan Outreach who created that ad, as well as many passion-driven professionals and businesses – don’t have the advertising budgets for really big promos. I find it sad that a lot of people who are doing so much good in the world, aren’t making money that they deserve, and their work is often not appreciate or even seen.

So thank God, or the Universe (or both) for the internet and the social media!

That’s why my answer to the question “how often to post” is “as often as practically possible and then some!” I encourage you to push the limits beyond your comfort zone – and with the tools and strategies I teach this is really easy, it still requires time and commitment, but not as much as you may think — because, most likely – you aren’t promoting yourself or your ideas, or telling people about how you can help them often enough.

And that means that people who NEED you right NOW, people who are READY to hear your message, people who need your HELP, may never be able to find you.

And that’s really, really sad.

Because in this scenario – everybody loses.

If you are on a mission to help people, or even change the world, why should you be shy about posting frequently on Facebook or Tweeter?

You are here for a reason– then if you’re not promoting yourself, if people who need you cannot find you – you are letting them down.

If someone stops following you, or unsubscribes because they think you post too often, so be it. But there will be many more who will be able to FIND you and HEAR you for the first time – because of it.

Now the next question is – What type of content should you be sharing?


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What Should I Post On My Social Media Pages?

One of the most important questions you’ll need to answer as soon as you decide to get serious about your social media presence is “What do I post?”

Let’s face it: creating content that’s engaging for your audience, visually appealing and timely is not easy. We’ve all seen boring pages where the only message seems to be “buy from me” or “visit my website” — there is no value for the visitor whatsoever.

Deciding what type of content to share with your audience is critical, as – if done right – it will not just engage your audience, and help you grow your audience organically, but – the most important thing of all – is that IT WILL BE EXACTLY THE RIGHT AUDIENCE for you.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that by posting just the right information, inspiration, entertainment, quotes, photos, tips and tricks, or whatever other types of content you decide to share, and posting EXACTLY what your ideal audience needs/wants to hear right this very moment, not holding anything back … you will create a bond with your followers that you’ll be able to transform into relationship – be that business relationship, coaching, teaching, selling or whatever else you are trying to achieve, while leaving them hungry for more.

(In other words, if you get yourself a reputation for posting high quality stuff that is perfectly tailored for your ideal audience then the right people will want to follow you, work with you, buy from you… or do whatever else is your ultimate goal.)

What is that content? How do I figure it out what to post exactly?

Great questions!

And ones that I cannot specifically answer for everybody here – as it’s unique to YOU and what you do, and who your ideal audience is.

But while I cannot tell you specifically WHAT to post, I can give you some tips on how to get started by introducing you to the general types of content, which include your own content, other people’s content, evergreen content and time-sensitive content.

Plus, of course, there is also the engagement and spontaneous interaction that you need to be doing — after all social media are all about being …. social (sorry, if I’m stating the obvious, but all of us need to be reminded from time to time that it’s a conversation, NOT just broadcast).

So, let’s begin with…

Your Own Content

Share your best content and share it often! Content that touches your ideal audience, shows them you understand their pain, gives A-HA moments, educates – all in an authentic and straight-from-the-heart way; with passion, compassion, and enthusiasm – you should be putting this content out into the world ALL THE TIME.

This is probably the best way to attract your ideal people to you – and if you do that consistently, you can forget about all the other marketing tactics, tips, tricks, and systems.

Don’t have such content? Then you need to create it!

Sorry, but this is probably something that only YOU can do. Because you are unique, have unique skills, life experiences, combination of knowledge and talents that no one else in the world has – so you need to show people why they should choose YOU from the thousands of other coaches, professionals or service providers – why working with you is going to change their lives.

Sharing other people’s stuff, and useful resources from around the world is fine – but if you want people to trust YOU, listen to YOU, and buy from YOU – then they need to get to know you better, and there is no better way than creating lots and lots of content yourself – except of course meeting them in person and interacting with them in the “real world.”

Online, this all we have.

The type of content you create must be something that comes naturally to you – or you won’t do it – so if you like to write, write articles, blog posts, ebooks. If you’re a talker – speak, create podcasts, presentations. If you’re comfortable on video (most people aren’t, so you should still consider it even if you hate the way you look on camera) – shoot video clips. Take photos, tell jokes, tell stories……Stir controversy, make people laugh, make them cry…Be different. Say things that you really believe need to be said, people in your ideal audience need to hear –

Most importantly, don’t be boring, don’t be like everybody else, even being controversial is probably better –because that means you’ll be memorable.

So once you create something awesome that has high value – a blog post, an ebook, podcast or video that’s especially helpful, profound, entertaining or controversial or fun – JUST KEEP SHARING IT.

Here are more specific examples of what you may do – it’s a list, and lists are excellent for sharing on social media as well:

* Quotes from your books, blog posts, articles — the best way to do it is to distill your message to a sentence (under 140 characters is ideal as it will be perfect for Twitter), as well as transform it into an image.

* Definitions, resources, tips and tricks, inspirational tidbits, etc.

* Links to your website, blog posts, books, articles that you have written – you can set up multiple links to each of the pages on your website, a good way to do this is to use some of the copy from the page as a lead in.

* Links to your opt in pages offering free resources or downloads.

* Links to a blog post you have written – blog posts can be recycled, share them regularly on social media

* Infographic that you have created – these are brilliant for sharing on social media as they catch people’s eye and are instantly appealing.

* Images that you have published – images are easy to share, the best types are branded with your website or name so that if they are shared then they will still carry your branding.

* Links to guest articles and blog posts that you have written for other sites – guest blogs are a great indication of your expertise.

* Interviews that people have done with you – if you have been interviewed by anyone either on video or podcast then share these.

What you want to accomplish is that when someone glances at your content on your social media pages, they will have a pretty good idea about who you are, what you do and whether or not you can help them or have something of value for them. This is usually a split second decision, so make sure that when the right person sees your Twitter page or Facebook page, they will immediately feel the connection and the urge to follow you, or at least stick a little longer in order to get to know you better.

What’s also super important is that you know what action you want people to take after they consume your content. The most common is asking people to opt into your email list, since email, even in this era of social media, is still the preferred method of keeping in touch with your audience. You can also encourage people to contact you, schedule a session or work with you.

Have someone take a look at your pages and tell you what they think.

If you don’t have anybody to ask, ask me (email me at or schedule a consultation.

The Infuriating Truth of Why People Don’t Respond To Your Social Media Updates

So, you’ve created your social media profiles and even posted some updates, like everyone told you should, but no one seems to care?

Noone clicked, retweeted, liked, shared or commented?

Noone cared enough to follow you, not to mention reach out to you, sign up for your newsletter, or buy from you?

How come they didn’t realize how awesome you and your products and services are?

How is that possible that they didn’t grasp the importance of your message? That nobody noticed the potentially life-changing, transformational effect it can have on their lives once they get it?

Didn’t they see the genuine passion you have for what you do shining through? Didn’t they feel the excitement when they read your posts or hear the fire in your voice when listening to your audio or watching the videos?

How is that possible that no one noticed how genuine you are in your efforts to spread your message, help others, and ultimately—change the world—after all you are not in it just to make money or make some noise, you are on a TRUE MISSION, you want to START A REVOLUTION, you want to IMPACT the lives of hundreds or thousands of people in a positive way, right, so how come they don’t come running to you? How come they don’t see it?

Only, no…they don’t see it.

They absolutely cannot see it from the way you present yourself to them right now… in your blog posts (you don’t write a blog?), your videos (you don’t do video?) and sporadic social media updates.

They cannot tell how much you care by the way you interact with them, because… you don’t. You don’t engage, comment, retweet, follow, share and respond….

They cannot tell how deeply you are committed to transforming their lives by reading your three automatic updates you posted last month…(one of them had a broken link that lead nowhere, getting lost in the cyberspace, but thankfully no one even noticed…because no one clicked).

They cannot see the fire in your eyes, hear the passion in your voice, because you are hiding behind your logo (you don’t even show your face, because you could not find a suitable photo, or cared enough to take a decent photo and have it posted on your page…).

So if people are not coming to you and you’re still not impacting the lives of people you are truly committed to help, help them achieve the results they desire—maybe it’s because they didn’t quite believe you, you didn’t captivate their attention nor showed them that you’re truly “getting them.”

They didn’t get to know you because you didn’t allow them to see the REAL YOU.

The reason things aren’t working for you as you expected them to when you started that social media thing, is that – sorry to burst your bubble – doing it the way that you’re doing it now … ain’t gonna cut it!


I know I can help them, I know I can change the world, so hello world, just LET ME!

Surely that should be enough?

Except, no, it’s not. And you want to know something else?

Well, if they don’t know you…like ALL the way know you… they why the heck would they let you?!

Or me.

You want the world to KNOW how awesome you are and how life-changing, transformative your message is? How important your message is? How awesome your products and services are?

You’re going to have to do much more than you’re doing right now….

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