Facebook For Your Business: Ready To Learn More? Read This…(Free Download)

Today we are leaning about Facebook and what it can do for your business.  If you haven’t already considered using Facebook, here are some powerful arguments for you to consider:

Facebook has over 400 million active users and that number continues to grow steadily. It is the third most trafficked website in the world (behind Google and Yahoo) and the most trafficked social media site in the world.


More interesting Facebook stats:

  • Facebook has 100 Million U.S. Users: Facebook is strong around-the-world (Canada has the highest penetration rate), but nearly 1/3 of all Facebook users are in the U.S.
  • The average Facebook User Spends 55 Minutes Per Day
  • Real-time Search Is Important Today: Facebook is now making most content available publicly (unless you adjust your privacy settings). This has tremendous implications for search engine optimization and reputation management. You need to be on top of real-time search – today.

There is some confusion about a Profile on Facebook, a Group and a Fan Page or Business Page.  Unlike groups in Facebook, business pages (or fan pages) are visible to unregistered people and are indexed by the engines – which is another opportunity for you to come up in the engines.

A  Business Page is designed to promote a business. It can be used to share simple information like your business hours, contact information and product/service offerings. It can also be used as a marketing tool.

The number of fans (people who like your business) is unlimited (whereas the Friend limit is 5,000).

Pages are generally better for a long-term relationships with your fans, readers or customers.

Pages include links. Because the pages are public, you can get some link juice (link popularity).

You can send “updates” to fans whenever you want. It’s a nice way of building a database of interested users. Send messages about new products, updated website, etc.

When someone joins a Fan Page, it’s published in their News feed for all of their Friends to read (unless they have turned this off). This helps spread the word about your Page.

How to Use Facebook For Your Business

“Social media and inbound marketing are increasingly important assets for businesses to get found by and engage with potential buyers on the web. Think about the way you find information about products and services – are you watching TV ads? Going through your junk mail? Or are you going to a search engine or a friend? People have gotten better and better at ignoring marketing messages with DVRs, caller ID, and spam filters, and instead go to Google and social networks for answers to their questions. The question for you is: will you be there to answer it.

Facebook is not an evil time-waster, a community just for college students, or something scary or irrelevant for marketers – even you B2B folks. Facebook is a tool for connecting people with those around them. And, as with any social media tool, marketers have an opportunity to use Facebook to expand their online footprint and engage with customers directly.

Business Goals for Using Facebook:

  • Get found by people who are searching for your products or services
  • Connect and engage with current and potential customers
  • Create a community around your business
  • Promote other content you create, including webinars, blog articles, or other resources

Personal Accounts vs. Business Accounts

On Facebook, Profiles are meant for people and Pages are meant for businesses. To fully engage and leverage Facebook’s features, you should create a personal profile. If you’re worried about privacy, or balancing business and personal contacts, we’ll cover that in the next section.

What not to do with your personal profile:

  • Do not create a personal profile for your business.
  • Profiles are for people, Pages are for businesses.
  • Facebook is building significant new functionality for businesses, and all of this functionality is only available to Pages.

There are a few key differences between Business Pages and Personal Profiles:

  • Pages allow you to designate multiple administrators, so that you can have multiple people help manage the account, and if one of your administrators leaves the company, you can still have control over the Page.
  • Pages are, by default, public and will start ranking in Facebook and public search results.
  • Pages are split into different categories (local businesses, brands, musicians) that help you get listed in more relevant search results. Personal profiles have friends, which require mutual acceptance, whereas anyone can become a fan of your Page without first going through administrator approval.

Worried about privacy? Facebook is very flexible in letting you control your exposure on Facebook. A later section will discuss how to customize your privacy settings to control who sees which parts of your profile, so that you can safely engage on Facebook with both personal and business contacts.

Read the entire free PDF ebook: How to Use Facebook for Business

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