Top Five Reasons Why You Need a WordPress Site For Your Business

1) Your current website may be invisible

Sure, YOU can find it — just type your URL in the address line, right? But can Google find it too? What about other search engines?
Well, if search engines cannot find it, neither can your customers.

And if you have a Flash website – a quite common occurrence in the world of small business promotion, it may be gorgeous, but it will be largely invisible to the world. So where does that leave your business?

2) Google loves WordPress

Google loves WordPress sites. Of course, you still need to have your blog properly optimized. But that’s not all that hard when you are using WordPress. Set up your pages for the right keywords and optimize them properly, and the next thing you know, you might be topping the charts.

3) You’re in complete control

Ever waited for a webmaster to make changes to your website? And paid steep fees for his or her services? There won’t be any need for that anymore when you have a WordPress site. You can make all the adjustments yourself in a matter of minutes. If you can write an email, then you can create a WordPress page. Even if you know your HTML and you can take care of promoting your own small business website yourself, making changes to a WordPress site is just plain faster.

Write about events, bonus offers, and promotions. If you’re a restaurant, you can set up your new specials every day in minutes. Run out of one. It will take seconds to take it off the site.

None of that uploading and downloading and struggling with HTML stuff!

4) Easily customizable design and functionality

You can change the look and the layout of your WordPress site practically at will. Load up a number of free themes, and you can change the site’s design with the click of a button. For a more polished look, you can buy a professionally designed theme for under $100, or have someone create a custom theme for you. What’s best, you don’t need to rebuild the whole site – you are just changing the way it looks.

5) It’s interactive — or it can be.

You can actually have your customers talk back to you. Invite comments and they will come. And Google loves comments, which means, even more Google juice.

No matter what kind of business you have, when it comes to small business website promotion, a WordPress site is the kind of site you need. Just be sure to optimize pages properly so that you’ll reap the rewards of your efforts.

If you don’t have a WordPress site yet, you owe it to yourself to get one started. There are thousands of pages and resources on the web that talk about WordPress. To download the most current version, go to and start from there. (Do not confuse it with – which is a hosting site for blogs – not recommended. You need a self-hosted solution).

If you need some guidance or would prefer someone to setup a WordPress site for you, perhaps I can help.

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  1. I totally agree we made a new blog site for our restaurant and our old sit was on page 10 of google our new bog site is now on page one for the key words Cinnaminson Pizza and just keeps getting better. It’s not WordPress it’s a Quansite…Which is pretty much wordpress made really easy, but we really like it so far. We also hired a local guy named Paul Seymour who is a web video marketer. He has a company called Silver Screen Ads and has helped us start building a customer email list and auto responder. He also has done some really cool and fun videos for us that our customer have gotten a kick out of. He is having us run a Free Large Pizza Give Away each week and the way he got us from page 10 to page one was just awesome!
    .-= Maurizio@Pizza Cinnaminson NJ´s last blog ..See The Week 1 Winner & Bloopers Part 2 =-.