How Should You Split Your Budget for Online Marketing

All website owners have the right to determine the way they are going to market their website or display it to the world. The approach is what really decides the course of success for the website and the owner as well.

Since the business of the website is online and internet is the place where all the activities are due to happen, budget for online marketing and the manner in which it is split often decides the level of success of the website.

Different online experts can have their own views on the split of the online budget and everyone that writes or offers consultancy exhorts his own view and approach on the amount spent. Here is the split of online marketing budget for websites at different levels of operations and with different level of available funding.

In case you have $10,000 budget:

This means that you already have a running website which has presence in the market and you wish to take the website to the next level. For this kind of a budget you can hire reasonably bright and promising individuals who are hungry and committed to take the operations of the website to the next level.

Further you should also spend a part of the budget for hiring an agency that can take care of planning and consulting many online marketing activities that can be beneficial for the website. The caution here is that make sure that the agency you choose is really good at activities like CRO,SEO.PPC, Social networking, Display and many more.

The next spend should be in the development of a user friendly site that has both online and mobile offering for the customers. You can spend some portion of the budget on offering best possible prices for the product or service of the website and some to appoint a social media or community manager.

People often also look for websites that offer 24 hour customer support to them. With this kind of a budget it will be healthy for you to develop a plan for 24 hour customer support and link building.

Depending on the presence of your website, you can dedicate some amount for enhancing its presence. If your company only has local presence you can spend a part of the budget to take it to the national level by appointing experts that can consult on ways to go about it.

If you are already present in a big way, you should spend some money to make the site available in other international languages as many people may be looking for your product but cannot transact due to language understanding.

Now that all other areas are covered, branding of your website remains a major issue. Branding creates customers because major people want to transact with websites that are branded as it adds to their sense of security for their money and also the quality of product or service purchased.

With an online marketing budget of $10,000 you can spend a good amount on hiring the best agency that can effectively brand your website and market the same.

-Written by Edwin at 9th sphere, a full online marketing and web design company based in Toronto.

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