How to Get Found Online: Helping Your Customers Find You And Your Offers

Estimated 80% of people begin their search for products and services online. If they search for the services that you provide, whom will they find? You or your competitor?

Are you spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on newspaper ads, yellow pages listings, billboards, TV commercials, and other advertising methods? These traditional advertising methods reach thousands of viewers, but only a small percentage of these viewers make up your target audience.

What if you could generate more and more quality leads – consistently – while getting a higher return on your precious marketing and advertising dollars?

With search engine marketing, ALL of the viewers who see your ad or website, are already looking for YOU.

The following are actual keywords that people type into Google search box EVERY DAY:

New York City Divorce Lawyers …. DUI attorney in NJ ….. New Jersey business lawyer….. south jersey homes for sale …… buy 3 bedroom house secaucus nj ….. apartments for rent in hackensack nj… medical equipment rentals ….. speech language pathologist nj …… trade show exhibit designers….wedding photographers nj ….. yoga studio montclair nj …. and more….

How many people are looking for your services using Google and other search engines?

How many of them will end up on YOUR website?

Whether you are a lawyer, real estate agent, financial adviser, writer, designer, personal trainer, doctor, yoga teacher, or business consultant, there are people looking for just the products and services that you offer every day on Google and other search engines.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of making your website more visible to search engines with the goal of being listed higher in search results, therefore becoming more visible to people who are looking for your services.

Without an optimized website, you are losing potential leads when a client looking for your services in your area only finds your competition. You need to get on the first page, and let your website do the work for you!

Fact: 90% of users will not search past page three of Google and other search engines. That means if you’re not in the first three pages, then search users aren’t finding you.

(Side Note:  It always amazes me that people are annoyed they have to pay for SEO.  People will pay for a doctor or a mechanic, or even a web designer but they seem to resent having to pay for SEO.  If you have the time and knowledge, then by all means, don’t pay anyone, do it yourself.  However if you don’t have the time or knowledge, it’s a valid, and important expense and not something you should begrudge.  Driving traffic to your site is the foundation and not the area you want to go cheap. –End of Side Note)

Keywords are a big part of having our web pages found online. We can make the BEST web pages in the world, but if no one can find them through Google, you’ll have a really hard time making any money from them.

Why spend your marketing budget on an uninterested audience, when you could be closing leads who are already looking for your services?

How would it feel to have people coming to your website every day – even when you sleep – looking for the exact products and services that you have to offer?

Imagine putting your marketing on autopilot – letting Google and other search engines direct targeted traffic of potential customers straight to YOUR site 24×7.

If that sounds interesting, let me know. We can sit together and do the assessment of your website from the SEO perspective.

Just fill out the form here, and let’s strategize how to make your marketing goals become a reality.

Also, let me know if you have any questions regarding search engine optimization, keyword selection, or other, by posting comments below.

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  1. You are absolutely right Joanna. Unfortunately Google has so much power, there are so many websites and companies that are only making money online because of Google. For newcomers, they can literally be eaten alive by the competitors who know SEO. It’s people and businesses like yourself that give them a fighting chance :)
    .-= Josiah@Tumblr Themes´s last blog ..Flourish =-.

  2. No doubt search engines are an alternative for entrepreneurs. The number of searches and the number of new keywords that are used daily, is just amazing. In my experience the long tail keywords, with a site with many pages is the way to have visitors.

  3. The current changes propogating through the data centers only goes to show the battle constantly changes. What is most discouraging is that mirror sites are once again ranking when they’d vanished for a few years. All this does it push the good results further down the list.
    .-= Kendra´s last blog ..An Alternative Approach To Buying Green =-.

  4. Nice. Very useful information you have here. Thanks for sharing. I never thought I found it here.

  5. Good call. We have leveraged the internet and search to grow our business. It has been a major part of our marketing efforts.
    .-= Fort Collins Realtors´s last blog ..Fort Collins Realtor =-.