How To Make Video Marketing Work For Your Business

Image, Music, Story, Videos are made of these three elements, all of which work in harmony to attract and maintain attention from intended viewers. The most successful videos on the Web take these three essential elements into account, while being able to push for a product, a service — a brand. How can your own business achieve the same effect?

Big Concepts Create Big Results It all starts with your concept. When you are promoting a product or a brand, you need to present it in the most interesting way that it compels consumers to not just pay attention but also buy into what you are selling. Take for example Blendtec’s approach to marketing its blenders through a series of YouTube videos called “Will it Blend?”. Now technically, there is nothing remarkable about a blender. It blends — stuff. But the brand actually took that idea and ran with it by blending a range of odd items. From paintballs to chicken and soda, from marbles to iPhones, Blendtec’s extremely fascinating videos led to an 800 percent increase in blender sales. Incidentally, the brand’s videos have been viewed 200 million times.

So an enthralling concept has the power to drive sales. Remember to think out-of-the-box concepts that would not normally be associated with your products — but, of course, in a good way. No matter what you are promoting, jewelry or Ringcentral VoIP sevice (s), the main thing is to come up with a very compelling concept for your Web videos. In comparison to TV commercials where, generally, Hollywood personalities command attention from consumers, Web videos do not need a famous face to be viewed and shared multiple times.

Keep It Short A majority of those who view Web videos will watch short features. Any video longer than 2 minutes might not rack up the same views as a one-minute feature. Visible Measure, an independent third-party measurement firm for Internet advertisers, viral marketers, and video publishers, has found that 20 percent of people who watch Web videos will click away 10 seconds into the video (they click away because the video is not as interesting as they thought it was), and 60 percent will lose complete interest 2 minutes into the video.

If you can tell a compelling, convincing story about your business in 60 seconds, do it. The shorter the video, the better. And you have about 10 seconds to grab your consumers’ or viewers’ attention otherwise you will lose a significant number of people even before your video ends.

The good news is that people who view videos on mobile devices will have more patience for longer-cut videos on the Web in comparison to people who stream videos on their desktop computers. It seems that people who view videos on their iPhone can watch for about 2.4 minutes while those who use Android-powered devices can watch for 3 minutes. Research points to iPad users as having the most patience for Web videos as they can hold out for an average of 5 minutes.

With 4 billion hours of video are being watched on YouTube alone, you know that Web videos can become powerful tools for your marketing campaigns. They can push for increased sales on your products or services. They can establish your brand better or even introduce to an entirely new market segment. They can increase qualified traffic to your website and your social networking pages. But remember to stick to the key elements of a successful marketing video on the Web, from developing a compelling and unique concept to telling your story in under 2 minutes (or less).

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