How to Make Your Practice More Successful: Marketing Tips For Doctors

(Guest Post) When a doctor makes the decision to start their own practice they become an entrepreneur, a business owner. Like any business in order to grow and succeed you need to use marketing for doctors that works. Many doctors struggle with this reality. They cringe at the thought of having to promote themselves and their practice like any other businesses. Those who fight it will struggle those who embrace it can have massive success and create the practice they dream of at a rapid pace. Marketing for doctors is necessary to grow and be profitable.

Marketing for doctors can be both ethical and extremely effective when done right. Doctors who use effective direct-to-consumer marketing will not only grow their practice but also give good quality care to those who need it.

DO: Develop a marketing plan to attract your ideal patients. Your marketing should be measurable and track able so you know what works and what doesn’t.

Do: Educate your target audience through materials that show your knowledge on the subject and show you as the obvious expert. Educating your patients in a way that connects with them emotionally is the key to success in marketing for doctors.

Do: Make sure that all of the marketing materials you use are accurate and written in a conversational tone. nothing disconnects with prospective patients more than formal doctor speak.

Do: Use marketing for doctors that gives your prospects a call to action so they respond.

Don’t: Use marketing that doesn’t work and produce immediate results. Falling into the trap of thinking you are promoting brand awareness so the know you exist is the wrong approach and wastes money

Don’t: Wait for patients to find you. Register your practice with online doctor directories to make sure patients can find you when they search the Internet. Success does not come from being a great doctor it comes from prospects taking action and walking in to your office. Being a great doctor means nothing if you don’t have a constant flow of new patients who listen to you and follow your advice

Don’t: Think that referrals are automatic. In order to get referrals it takes more than giving high quality care Patients must be encouraged and educated that you welcome their referrals. Assuming that referrals will come just because is a mistake.

Don’t: Believe that marketing takes time to work. It either works or it doesn’t.

Don’t: Use medical terminology or use formal doctor speak to come across as super intelligent.

Marketing for doctors is essential to grow and prosper. The competition is t great and you need to create separation between you and them so that prospects see you not as a “me too” doctor but as the obvious choice.

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