How To Pick A Good Domain Name For Your Business

1. Website Name Should Be Your Domain Name

This usually comes with a ‘duhhh’ reaction but believe it or not, quite a number of people actually do not name their domain name after their website name. It is surprising to learn that the title of the website sometimes is not the domain name.

I cannot stress how important it is to have a website name reflected in the url. This is crucial and important to your customers as you do not want to confuse the and want them to easily remember your domain name so they actually come back to your site.

e.g. My website name is ‘Domain Raccoon’ but my website is ‘’. No one will ever remember that these are the same site. Customers will never try to memorize your url name therefore you lose potential customers/visitors, resulting in less turnover or sales.

Some have asked me what happens if the domain name you want is unavailable? Most of you don’t want to lose a brand name you have already done marketing or PR for. So for a first step, check if the domain is up for sale. Hopefully someone bought it and is hoping to earn a quick buck out of it. Use tools like WHOIS to check if you can find information on the owner of the site and perhaps contact them directly. Usually sale of domains are done through a website.

Domain names are extremely important especially if you are looking to profit from your website. Some have gone to the extent of finding and available domain name, then naming their business or company after it.

2. Branded Domain or Generic Domain Names

With everyone going online to do business nowadays, generic terms are harder and harder to come by. Some generic domains names are simply way to expensive for start-ups. Therefore I believe a branded domain name is the better option. If you are looking to build brand recognition for your company, then this strategy would be the best. Not only do start-ups use this strategy, but even big corporations like or use it. They don’t use

3. To Hyphen or Not To Hyphen

Hyphened domain names are simply the ‘-‘ in the domain url. For example ‘domainregistrar’ and ‘domain-registrar’. Some users try to separate the words within the url just because it is easier to read or simply because the full word is not available. My opinion is to try and get the ones with the hyphen. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Search engines and visitors can some distinguish your keywords more easily and return your site in search results more prominently. It’s also easier for the customers to look at, especially if your business name is 3 words or more.

  • Sometimes the non-hyphenated name is not available therefore forcing your hand to purchase the one with the hyphen.


  • Sometimes extremely frustrating for the users to type in hyphens all the time.

  • Sometimes customers forget to type in the hyphen

  • When people try to recommend your site to someone else, the hyphen is really hard to say.

4. Which Top-Level Domain To Get

There are simply too many top level domains to get (.com, .org, .net, .biz, etc). The list goes on and on and on. There are generic tlds, country tls, industry tlds, government tlds, ngo tlds and many more. Choosing the top level domain is crucial to your business and differs from business to business.

If you business caters to a community (e.g. Food delivery, flower shop etc), then buying a country specific tld would be the way to go. It’s easier for customers to distinguish where your business is located. If a customer in your area was searching for food delivery, they wouldn’t want a site 100 miles away to show up in their search results would they. So if you are only catering to a community or area around you, always buy a country-specific top level domain.

Most of the people who either want to go for an international audience or simply don’t need a speicifc tld will usually end up buying a ‘.com’. There are also many many other reasons why people buy this tld, but the most prominent one is usually how Google will show .com results first.

For some, the .org extension is also known to show that it is for a non-profit organization.

To Summarize

There are more than reasons than the reasons listed above but these key points are crucial to a business. Just to wrap up the article a bit, if you are looking to create an online business, find the domain name first then start up your company/business name. If you need help or advice on what domain name to get or any other question, you can always check out my other articles on choosing the right domain registrar.

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  1. Great little beginners summary of choosing domain names. I would go for the non-hyphen as my top priority as well.