Internet Marketing Mistake #5. You Are Not Using Keywords To Attract the Search Engine Traffic

This is the fifth installment in my series “Top 20 Mistakes Small Businesses Make with Their Websites.”

Internet Marketing Mistake #5. You Are Not Using Keywords To Attract the Search Engine Traffic

I wrote about it on my blog a few times already, but I feel that it’s sooo important – and so often overlooked – that it’s worth repeating it again here.

Search engine optimization and the proper use (but NOT overuse) of keywords are a HUGE part of having our web pages found online.

So, let me ask you this:

  • Have you (or your assistant, webmaster, system administrator, wife, husband or nephew) looked at your website traffic statistics lately?
  • Do you know where are your customers coming from or what keywords are they using to find your site?
  • Do you even care?

You can have the most amazing web page in the world, but if no one can find them through Google or other search engines, you’ll have a really hard time making any money from them.

search engine optimization

Do you know where are your customers coming from or what keywords are they using to find your site?

Let’s face it. Targeted traffic is vital to success of your business website. Search engine traffic is considered the best type of traffic because people have to type a particular keyword or keyword phrase to find websites related to their interests or to find a  solution to their problems. So the traffic is usually very targeted and if your site appears among the top, chances are high that they will stop by. If your site doesn’t appear there, consider search engine optimization, or SEO, to move your site up and make it more visible.

Let me ask you this. Are you spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on newspaper ads, yellow pages listings, billboards, TV commercials, and other advertising methods? These traditional advertising methods reach thousands of people, but only a small percentage of them make up your target audience.

What if you could generate more and more quality leads – consistently – while getting a higher return on your precious marketing and advertising dollars?

With search engine marketing, ALL of the viewers who see your ad or website, are already looking for YOU.  Examples of keywords that people type into Google search box EVERY DAY are:

  • New York City Divorce Lawyers
  • DUI attorney in NJ
  • New York CPA
  • New Jersey real estate agent
  • Divorce attorneys New York
  • Seattle masonry contractor
  • plastic surgeon
  • private yoga teacher
  • business coach
  • and more….

Why spend your marketing budget on an uninterested audience, when you could be closing leads who are already looking for your services?

Yes, it requires an initial investment, but if done right, the targeted traffic will keep coming in, with little additional effort or expense.

To be continued…come back to my blog to read more of this series.

What web marketing mistakes caught your attention lately? Tell me about them in the comments!

You can read more in my post How to Save BIG TIME On Web Designer Fees – Buy a Professionally Designed Premium WordPress Theme for Your Small Business Website. If you need a marketing consultant to get some internet marketing consulting help, contact me for a online marketing strategy consulting session to see how we could work together to build your website and online business.

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