How I Can Help You: Internet Marketing Consulting, Website Development and SEO Services

Whether you’re interested in creating a new website, redesigning an older website, and getting more results from your web presence by attracting more traffic, building a list or creating your own information products, perhaps I help.

Many small businesses struggle with their web presence – their web sites are outdated or don’t exist at all, because their owners think that cost of a website is too high and learning the technology is just too difficult. And even if they have a website, it’s often out-of-date and not optimized for the search engines, meaning it’s difficult for their customers to find them.  What’s more, making a smallest change to the existing site seems like a challenge, making adding last minute promotions, specials, or event information virtually impossible.

c185940_sBuilding and promoting a website can seem like a minefield and with 1001 different things to do each day just to stay ahead of the competition. There is so much information out there, providing often conflicting advice on what you should and shouldn’t be doing online, that you may feel that you better leave all control over your website to professionals, who often charge steep fees for even the smallest change to your website or service.

If you are in this situation, I have good news for you. Today it’s easier than ever to establish web presence, and best of all, your site can keep growing and changing with your business – with your help – it’s as easy as writing an email or typing a letter in a text editor!

I can handle all the details of setting up a new website, including domain registration, hosting, design, keyword research and selection, writing content for your site, and search engine optimization (SEO). I also provide premium internet marketing services – including social media bookmarking, video promotion, article promotion, list building, and much more- so that people can find your site and keep coming back for more.

Read more about my premium internet marketing, website setup and promotion services. If you would like to contact me directly, email me or use the Contact form. Be sure to leave your contact information, so I can get back to you quickly.

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