Social Media: Choose Your Conversation

While I do recommend you use social media to promote your website and business, don’t feel pressured to join more social media sites than you can practically manage.

It’s not possible being everywhere being connected on every social site and keep up with everything. Its a crowded space and it can be quite a distraction. So you’ll need to pick and choose about which conversations you are part of.  Try to find out where your customers are, and go there.

“We can’t possibly be a part of every conversation. It sort of reminds me of a terrific cocktail party with a few hundred people. You know there are tons of great conversations going on and you know that you can’t be a part of them all. What do you do at a party? Some people do the look over the shoulder of the person you’re talking to thing to always be on the lookout for a better conversation. Some flit from one person to another every few minutes all night. Some may think you’re rude when you spread yourself thin, but hey, you don’t miss as much. What I like to do at parties is have a few great conversations and be happy that I’m at a wonderful event. I know I can’t be with everyone, so I have fun with the people I’m with. What more could I want?”

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