Using Your Keyword Rankings Search-Engine Presence to Power Business Partnerships

Here is an article providing some interesting tips about using your “tertiary” keyword rankings to deliver leads to your customers and/or partners – companies that provide products or services related to what you offer. Since you are already ranking for those keywords and getting search engine traffic, why not use that to mutual advantage and give the visitors what they are looking for? 

If you are getting substantial traffic for keywords that may be valuable to other businesses, a simple idea would be to just offer some advertising space for vendors of related products/services.

Another idea would be to set up a “vendor locator” page on your website where you could assist visitors find services and products related to your business offerings.

Or you can go even further and collect lead information and allocate leads among your key partners appropriately.

Here are some examples how this could work:

“A great example would be a manufacturer of 3-D printers. Though the company likely does not offer printing services, it is reasonable to expect that the company’s website could rank high in search engines for “3-D printing.”

Much of the SEO effort that a company engages in will produce rankings for those types of tertiary keywords. The traffic that is generated to the website for printing-related keywords may not generate much in the way of sales, but that traffic can be converted into leads for your customers (and used as a selling tool when presenting to prospects).

A smart manufacturer of specialized printers may already have a tool on its website for users to find printing service providers in their area that use the company’s equipment. A really smart company would consider adding a means for users to submit a request for a quote or similar contact request. The printer manufacturer could supply those leads to selected customers who sign up for the program.

That would be an excellent sales tool for sales representatives to use in the field when highlighting everything that their company does to support its customers.

Here are 10 other similar tertiary keywords that would fit this model for manufacturers/wholesalers of:

1.Air-conditioning/HVAC equipment = air conditioning, central air
2.Art frames = framing, custom framing
3.Construction equipment = construction, construction companies, excavating
4.Data-security technology = data security companies/consultants
5.Environmental testing products = environmental testing, air testing, mold testing
6.Industrial gases = neon gas, helium, carbon dioxide (dry ice)
7.Packaging equipment = packaging, packaging companies
8.Paints = paint, painting
9.Prototyping equipment = rapid prototyping
10.Warehousing equipment = warehousing, warehouses

Use your SEO investment and search presence to increase customer loyalty and acquire new customers. Doing so can also help you increase your Internet marketing budget as you discuss the sales benefits with management.

From “Using Your Search Engine Presence To Benefit Your Customers” by Andy Komack.

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