Websites for Real Estate Agents: Why Do Realtors Need to Have a Website?

It is estimated that about 80% of buyers begin their search for their future home online ….

Another interesting fact is that these buyers can spend many months researching homes and neighborhoods before they contact a real estate agent. Often, that buyer will choose the first agent they find when they’re ready to make a buying decision.

I don’t think I need to even say it here, but Internet marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to find new clients and advertise your real estate listings. A website that has content properly optimized for search engines will allow you to target people looking for listings or real estate brokers in your area.

house4_sWhat’s important, is to be able to present listings in an attractive, professional manner. Although it’s certainly possible to have an IDX feed of the MLS listings on your website, there are certain benefits to having an option to enter your own listings. Depending on your provider, MLS listing display and management can sometimes be a struggle. With this custom solution, you’ve got a stylish way to impress clients, users, and generate more attention for your listings.

Not only does this impress your potential customers on listing presentations, but it also allows your visitors to see the best parts of a listing without the typical MLS limitations.

Specifically, I’m speaking of the sellers that come to you to sell their house, or the listings you manually enter into the site to showcase on their own. WordPress is great for this because a tailored template can be used to display these listings.

With features like a main property image, detailed description, MLS and listing data, photo gallery and listing map, the listing page provides everything a buyer could want when searching for a property.

All this information is simple to enter when entering new properties and is presented in a very attractive format to the buyer. Just enter the data in the WordPress post panel, just like adding a blog post. The website has a custom write panel that has separate areas for all this information, so it’s easy to upload images, add MLS data, and create beautiful property posts on your site.

Sample Real Estate Website

The following is a  fully functional real estate website that you can visit at




Enter Property Details

Here is the form where you would enter the property information.






To learn more about how I can help you set up your real estate site, visit . To learn more about the benefits of WordPress as a platform for building sites, read Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A WordPress Powered Web Site!.

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  1. yeah Internet marketing is one of the effective way for listing their websites.
    so agent should have their websites for brand their comp in the market

  2. It becomes clearly apparent that there is a lot to know about this. I feel you have made a lot of exceptional points in your article.

  3. One major reason agents need to have a site is to give their Buyers a way to serach for homes! It is very important to give home Buyers a way to save their searches so they can see what is new on the market each day. At you will see very easy map searches that can be saved in order for you to receive updated email listings each day. This will give home buyers a way to be confident in their understanding of the market and help save you time when figuring out what people like. Good luck and Happy Home Buying!
    .-= Drew with FindMyHomeDenver´s last blog ..521 S. High St. in Washington Park – Location, Location, Location =-.

  4. I could not agree with you more. WP can make any real estate agent a fabulous website that can be used for blogging or advertising listings.

  5. Those templates are very nice. I’ve come to a very similar conclusion as you–that websites are the best way to get contacted by buyers and sellers. Even if a real estate agent wasn’t ready to take that step to really work on a website now, they should still buy a domain and set it up because search engines rank older websites higher. As your site sits, it will age like a fine wine. Every year, it will get better.

    I’ve also noticed that people who contact me through my website are much more motivated than from any other way I’ve used to prospect for new real estate clients.

    Above all, the real estate search engine is very important. The IDX is pretty convenient, but it would be nice to have something tailored to your clients needs to really make your real estate website useful to those who use it.

  6. I have a unique search going up in my site through WordPress, so soon the whole look will transform and I’m very excited about it. Optimizing a real estate website, making it visually appealing and user friendly all at the same time is hard because there’s so much competition and a lot to learn, but WordPress really does help.

  7. Since the early days of the web, there has been always a popular graphic design trend. First, drop shadows dominated the Internet, then inner bevels, and now scan lines.